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Philip Giordano


Philip Giordano

Philip Giordano (aka Pilipo) was born in 1980 in Celle, a small coastal town in Liguria, Italy, of a Philippine mother and Swiss father. After attending the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, he studied illustration at the IED in Turin where he obtained a Master in Animation Techniques. In 2004 Philip was selected for the Illustrators Exhibition (Bologna Children’s Book Fair) and thanks to this visibility started working for children’s book publishers.

His first books were with Hodder (London) and Zoolibri (Reggio Emilia). He is winner of many awards such as the Bologna-SM Foundation International Award For Illustration. In 2011 he presented “La Princesa Noche Resplandeciente” published by the Fundación SM. His books have been translated in many parts of the world including Japan, France, South Korea, South America, Thailand, United Kingdom, China, Spain and Slovenia. Recently transferred to Tokyo, Philips combines his work on children’s books with magazine and book cover illustrations. He also creates short- length animations using traditional stop-motion techniques. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world.

The following works are a sample of the artist's work.
Works exhibited at the exhibition "From Hand to Hand" You can see in the gallery.