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“ Message 11. 03. 2011“

March 11th 2011.

After this date Japan would never be the same.

It was hit by a massive quake which caused a devastating tsunami which entirely destroyed the Pacific coast in Northeastern Japan. The disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant added to the nightmare. Radioactivity from the damaged reactors constantly bleeds out and the impact of the accident is still vast.Reconstruction of the affected areas and decontamination of radioactivity are two of most important issues to be resolved as soon as possible.

However, it is obvious even for an ordinary Japanese that decontamination becomes even more difficult as time goes by. The radiation effects on children are stronger that that on adults. Mothers with children and young women are having serious anxiety.

Given this situation, what can Art do to help? In a time of necessity for basic needs, does Art have any value?

In response to these questions, a group of Japanese illustrators decided to organize this exhibition called "FROM HAND TO HAND", inviting their friends from different countries to participate. The theme of this exhibition is: "What will our future be after the tsunami catastrophe and nuclear disaster?"

Twenty-eight artist from Japan, thirteen from Slovakia, three from Italy, four from the Netherland and four from Belgium have joined us. Each artist will express his or her personal view through their artwork created specially for this exhibition.

The title of the exhibition, "FROM HAND TO HAND" reflects our desire and hope that our messages will reach the hearts of those who will see these artworks and that they in turn will convey these messages throughout the world.

The exhibition will start its travels in March 2012.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all those who have participated to realize this event and hope to work with you again in other activities FROM HAND TO HAND.

Nana Furiya
( Head organizer of the project „Fom Hand to Hand" )
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Nana Furiya and Peter Uchnár’s exhibition project “From Hand to Hand”: Message
11. 3. 2011“ has a highly human message. In regard to the tragic events in Japan, this project is quite actual, because its aim is to answer the essential question ,“How can art help people in a hopeless situation?”
Thus“how can visual art which brings no material advantage help people who lost the roof above their head and as well as lost the meaning to live?
One of the answer can be in the purpose of this charitable exhibition;
The art works for the exhibition will be assigned for sale. The proceeds will be donated to the people stricken by catastrophe in Japan.
But, this is only the secondary aim.
The primary purpose of the exhibition is that “how can the phenomenon of art positively influence the life of people who are in total despair.”
We can discover the answer in the fact that art develops emotional intelligence which has spiritual value.
Art can be a help to the recent consumption society and should be able to contribute to build a new society based on spiritual values.

Curator of Exhibition Mgr. Martin Vančo, Phd.


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