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Zsolt Lukács


Zsolt Lukács

Zsolt Lukács was born in 1972 in Kosice, Slovakia. He studied graphic art at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. He loves all the classic graphic techniques, painting and drawing, but lately creates mainly digital artwork. His works’ topics are mainly for the adult reader, and are sometimes a bit ironic. His drawings for Katalin Juhás's poems are also well-known. He also illustrated a book for children which explained physics to all ages. He has participated in many exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad. He also conducts workshops. In 2006 he had an important individual exhibition in Košice entitled "Black Pepper ". In 2010 his works participated in "Regions", an important exhibition held in Rome.

The following year he participated in the "Contemporary Slovak Graphic Art 17" Exhibition held in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. He teaches computer graphics and art at the Secondary School of Applied Arts and pedagogics at the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Technical University in Košice, where he lives with his daughter Sophia and wife Noemi Ráczová.

The following works are a sample of the artist's work.
Works exhibited at the exhibition "From Hand to Hand" You can see in the gallery.